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Energy Consulting for New Houses

The planning of new buildings demands an early consideration of energetic requirements. Tightened legal regulations, increasing energy prices and new technical possibilities have to be taken into consideration.

Energy consulting is conducted in collaboration with the planners. A detailed analysis of the thermal bridges and a heating load calculation for energy saving houses is of substantial help to reduce costs.

Energy Consulting for Existing Buildings

Most buildings have enormous energy saving possibilities.

In order to conduct technically and economically sensible improvements energy consulting is a recommended first step. This includes an inspection of the object and the recording of the inventory data of all the parts, technical equipment and consumption data.

The result is a 50-page report, which analyses the existing building substance and the technical fixtures for heating and hot water generation. Furthermore, it presents single measures for modernization as well as expedient combinations of single methods including a first cost estimation. The report also fathoms details about possible subsidies.

Given certain conditions, the energy consultation can get supported by the Federal Office for Economy and Export Control (BAFA).

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